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Some Like it Hot: celebrating 20 years of desert research… OPEN

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Getting Iconic Landscapes off the ground

We have the funding, we have the plan, now all we need is a thumbs up from the ethics committee and we’ll be ready to go!

Ecological resilience of people and place: the key to sustaining Australia’s iconic landscapes… 

First port of call will be looking at the seawalls study area around Sydney Harbour (North Sydney and Mosman Councils). 

Our scientists are already conducting valuable research in this area (see seawalls page) but we need to look at this data from a social and cultural point of view by involving the local residents and stakeholders. 

THIS MEANS that in addition to looking at scientific findings linking distress with ecological resilience, we envisage identifying key societal values in the general public and in the decision-making processes involved in environmental change.

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