Arid dry-zones

The arid dry-zone research will be conducted at a research site in the Simpson Desert. We also hope to make contact with the members of the community in the wider vicinity.
arid dry-zone
Background info:
  • Few Australians directly experience the red-sand dunes of the Simpson Desert but the benefits of managing these iconic areas for sustained production of conservation flow to all. 
  • The alternative, desertification, currently threatends nearly half the area of all dry-lands, both worldwide and in Australia, causes huge economic loss (US$42 billion in agricultural losses worldwide), and affects human welfare and security.

Existing study:

Investigation of the benefits of feral predator removal on biodiversity, the role of small wooded plant life in promoting diversity in arid Australia, the importance of local-regional dynamics and biotic interactions, and the impacts on diversity of grazing, predation and fire. 

Identified Stakeholders:

  • Scientists
  • Residents from wider vicinity
  • Any other interested members of the public
  • Tourism bureau
  • Aboriginal community
  • National Parks


Simpson Desert aus map                       Simpson desert map


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