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Kangaroo grazing effects

By Amy Spear

Friday, 16/07/2010

It’s been an ongoing debate and one that’s provoked thought from both country and city folk alike. 

But now it seems there’s an answer. 

Research shows that when it comes to effects of grazing on Australian rangelands, one kangaroo is equivalent to point 4 of a sheep.

Adam Munn, from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Wollongong, has been conducting the research at Fowlers Gap near Broken Hill, for the past 5 years.

Fowlers Gap is a research station run by the University of New South Wales.

He says it’s important that they’ve found out the facts.

“For a while now the comparative grazing impacts of kangaroos has been that one kangaroo has been equal to point 7 of a sheep and we’ve suspected for a long time that, on a whole animal basis, that was an over estimate.”

He says they wanted to get a handle on it so they could really take into account the grazing pressure of kangaroos when estimating total grazing pressure on an environment.

The research has taken 5 years.

In this report
Adam Munn, scientist, University of Wollongong

Visit the site

Listen to the July 16 Country Hour podcast (Adam Munn is speaking three quarters of the way through)


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