Adam Munn in ABC news

Land Managers to attend animal impact talks

A scientist from the University of Wollongong will present a talk to local land managers at Fowlers Gap about the impacts of animals this weekend.

Adam Munn has been studying the difference between the impact sheep and kangaroos have on the land.

He has found the impact of a kangaroo is about 30 to 40 per cent that of a sheep.

Mr Munn says he hopes the information can be used by land managers and government bodies to understand the impact kangaroos might be having on the environment.

“Ultimately what we’re hoping to do is build a picture,” he said.

“Now that we have a good idea about some of the kangaroo species, we want to expand this research into looking at different animals such a feral goats and different breeds of sheep.

“[Then we’ll] really be able to figure out what the ratios are of animals you can have on the land to improve your environmental, and therefore your economic, sustainability.”

The public is invited to attend the talk which begins at 10:00am (AEST) Sunday at the Fowlers Gap Research Station.


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