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Marnpi the Bronzewing Pigeon

The following expert was taken from a text panel at Broken Hill’s GeoCentre museum. It shares with us the story, as told by an Adnyathanda Elder, of the area’s gold and silver collections.

The Bronzewing Pigeon or Marnpi came from Baratta,

This boy had a net there and he caught the Marnpi and wounded it,

But it got away.

It flew to Waukaringa and then to Teetupia near Yunta.

From there the quartz outcrops all the way to Broken Hill, show the way he flew.

At the Pinnacles the Marnpi sat down three times there.

The three hills or peaks are the neck and head of the Marnpi as he sat down and reseted.

He then flew on and sat down on top of the Broken Hill, there was a big rock there which was the wounded Marnpi, but this has gone now. 

From Broken Hill the Marnpi followed the Barrier Ranges north through Poolamacca, Eurowie, Mt.Browne and Tibooburra and then into Queensland.

The track of the Marnpi is marked by quartz, which was the white leaking from the wounded bird as he flew along.

Hills shaped like the Marnpi mark the places the wounded bird had to stop and rest.

At these places he dropped feathers which formed the gold, silver and shiny rocks (gneisses and schists) and blood rusty-looking rocks like a the Broken Hill (the ore).

This is why the Marnpi’s track is now marked by gold and silver mines. 


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