North Sydney Council and Iconic Landscapes: exhibition collaboration

The University of Sydney’s Iconic Landscapes study and North Sydney’s Smart Trees – Blue Harbour project have collaborated on a study looking at how the North Sydney residents relate to, understand and value their local environment.

In designing a survey (which was completed by 360 residents) we were conscious that understanding and asking the community what values they associate with the environment is vital for effective engagement, education and policy direction.

In the following photos you will see ‘wordles’ (from have been used to communicate the survey findings of specific questions.


* What comes to mind when you think about the harbour coastline or seawalls?

* What comes to mind when you think about your local natural environment?

* What does nature mean to you in a word/colour/image/sound/smell?

Responses are collated and the larger and bolder the word, the more frequently it was used by respondents to express their views. Those viewing the exhibition are asked to link these questions with the corresponding wordle.

The exhibition, which also explores the natural history of North Sydney will be on display for the next couple of months on level 2 of North Sydney Library, 234 Miller Street.

Wordle display


Corresponding questions


Collaborative survey


North Sydney and the University of Sydney working together


Exhibition video - one of the sections looking at Mark Browne's work with seawalls in Sydney Harbour


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