Where the harbour meets houses

In a previous entry, I posted a photographic montage video of Mark Browne examining sea life he had transplanted into flowerpots on the Cremorne Point and Careening Cove seawalls in Sydney Harbour.

During that afternoon I also followed him to Kurraba point where he was testing limpets and their suction power. 

The following images aim to serve as a brief narrative of seawall field work in the iconic Sydney Harbour location. We can see, clearly, juxtapositions between man made seawalls built as fortresses to harbour side homes and the natural oyster littered rocky outcrops they sit on.

Climbing down the seawall to get access to the site at Kurraba Point


The barrier between harbour and house. A natural rocky shore interrupted.


The oyster littered rocky outcrop beyond the seawall


Mark working with the limpets


Testing their strength


Incoming tide


More limpet work


A nice backdrop


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