Nature in a… word, image, colour, sound and smell

As you may know, North Sydney Council and the University of Sydney have been collaborating on a study looking at how people value and understand their surrounding environment.

In doing so, we distributed surveys to members of the North Sydney Community. Participation in the survey, which focused on the values placed on local trees, green spaces and seawalls in Sydney Harbour, was completely voluntary. It was circulated at market stalls, in the Council Chambers and online.

Many of the questions asked participants to use descriptive language, drawing on personal experience and emotion. The following word clouds (wordles from are drawn from responses to the question: 

How would you describe nature in a word… image… colour… sound… smell?

You can visit the full installation of wordles and an associated multimedia display at an exhibition at North Sydney Library from 14 May through to September. 

The exhibition will also include information on and the history of the area’s flora and fauna.

Nature in a... word


Nature in an... image


Nature in a... colour


Nature in a... sound


Nature in a... smell


We hope to create word clouds following a similar format from answers given to us by participants in the rangelands of NSW and Bedourie, Queensland; the other two Iconic Landscapes case study locations. It will be interesting to compare how differently the sense are engaged in these diverse environments.


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