Simpson Desert snapshot

After six days on the road our research group of nine finally made it to the Simpson Desert. The journey, halted by heavy inland rains, was half the adventure. For three days we chased rare frogs, went spotlighting for animals at night, enjoyed Coopers Creek and called the Windorah tennis court home.

We met the desert flying over the dunes in Hilux utes. And what a place. Red earth, expansive sky, gidgee trees, dune ripples, spinifex, birds, life, silence and peace.

This time round our work included:

  • Pitfall trapping of reptiles and small mammals
  • Predator abundance surveys including spotlighting
  • Vegetation surveys and seed collection
  • Helping Nic Hills with her PhD on complex predator/prey interactions and vertebrate diversity in the Simpson Desert.

Here’s the first of a series of images and multimedia presentations illustrating the trip, conversations and scientific research undertaken. 


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