“Everything is interrelated”

“You see the great eucalypt forest, its trees are 300 feet high and they are still there. But they can only exist with the partnership of a humble fungus. It plays a vital role for the eucalypt because it unlocks nutrients underground that allow the tree to grow to a huge size in poor soil. And what spreads it? A tiny rat kangaroo that is now highly endangered all round Australia. Why should we worry? Because everything is interrelated.”

– Tim Flannery, Director of Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

An October article in the Sydney Morning Herald spoke about how Tim Flannery, Director of Australian Wildlife Conservancy, chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council and former Australian of the year flew to London to gather support for a chain of privately owned conservation parks in Australia. He says he is “appalled that the Federal Government has backed away from saving single endangered species.”

In a speech delivered in London Flannery warned that Australia is in the grip of a “biodiversity crisis” and called for successful expatriate Australians – as well as wealthy Britons – to help guy back pastoral leases in key natural areas to help guard species against extinction.


You can read the online article here or see it as a pdf


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