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More press – “How to save marine life… with flowerpots”

The Ecologist magazine has published another article about Mark Browne’s and Gee Chapman’s work attaching flowerpots to seawalls in Sydney Harbour.

Mark with flowerpot

Although sea walls are a strong form of coastal defence they effectively wipe out rock pools which are important oases for marine life. Scientists in Sydney have found a solution involving flower pots…

As anyone who has ever been rockpooling before knows, these little pools of seawater can be a haven for marine life.

But when a natural shoreline is replaced with a vertical seawall, the gently sloping foreshore, along with its rockpools, vanishes.

You can find the full article here


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Who cares about the environment?

Who Cares about the Environment? is social research conducted every three years since 1994 by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water. The most recent report was published in 2006 with another due out this year. The research measures environmental knowledge, views, attitudes and behaviour of people across NSW.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the 2006 findings:

  • People value the environment highly as part of their lives and almost 90% are concerned about environmental issues.
  • Water related issues were the top environmental issues for the people of NSW in 2006, nominated by almost three times more people than any other issue.
  • Climate change and energy issues are growing rapidly in importance.
  • Environmental knowledge and understanding has grown markedly since the first survey in 1994.
  • Most people are taking a range of actions to contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment – 71% say they often do at least five out of ten things asked in the survey.
  • There is strong support for government action and regulation to protect and improve the environment.

What do people care about the most?

You can read more in the report summary.

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Ross Coleman on Sydney Harbour’s Seawalls

In this short video Ross Coleman talks to us about the importance of creating spaces for animal and plant life to flourish on Sydney harbour’s seawalls. 

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“Twist on nature: he grows seashells by the sea shore”

Mark Browne, one of our Iconic Landscapes researchers, and his work on seawalls featured in last weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The article refers to the study we will follow which looks at how concrete pots help recreate rock pools lost when sea walls are built.

“A seawall in Sydney Harbour may seem a strange place to hang some flower pots, but they have become home to life of a different kind.”

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