‘Come walkabout’

This week the Government launched a $20 million fund to find a new brand for Australia. 

The recent ‘walkabout’ spin off from Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Australia’ presented iconic images of ‘red earth’ Australia… 

Simon Crean, Trade Minister, says this new campaign is about moving beyond what we’ve done in the past. While it appears focusing on laid back Australia is still important there is a push to emphasise Australia as a place to invest in, be educated and build businesses.

While these assets are important I do wonder whether Luhrmann’s ‘Come walkabout’ piece was onto something. Australia’s natural environment is one of our most valuable assets. Perhaps we need to understand more about our different iconographic landscapes before we project our ‘identity’ to the rest of the world?

Whatever your opinions on the ‘Australian identity’ we should be portraying to the world in an ad campaign (I personally think it should also have a lot to do with our cultural diversity!) the connection between the natural Australian landscape and ‘escapism’ is clear in the following clip. It underlines a clear the disconnect between the ‘everyday’ of urban dwellers (majority of society!) and the vast beauty of a remote environment.

My question is why, when I see this advertisement (having only been to anywhere resembling the ‘outback’ once in my life) do I feel so emotionally connected? 

– How do we value the environment on a personal level?

– What are our actual connections to the envrionment versus our ‘imagined’ connections?


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