Public engagement with the natural environment

Social evidence roadmap

‘Natural England’ is the British government’s advisor on the natural environment. 

While conservation of the natural environment is one of ‘Natural England’s’ most important focuses, they are also concerned with looking at the landscape’s intrinsic value to society.

In doing this they recognise that the relationship between recognition and engagement with an issue and people’s motivate to adopt supportive behaviour is complex.

Much of their research is relevant to the ‘Iconic Landscapes’ study.

These five key questions about public engagement with the natural environment make up what they call the ‘social evidence road map’. You can find the summary of the answers here

  1. Who uses and doesn’t use the natural environment, and why?
  2. What are the qualities of natural places and living things that people value, enjoy and benefit from?
  3. What is the evidence for social benefits arising from engagement with nature?
  4. What role does the natural environment play in influencing behavioural changes?
  5. When we talk about ‘engagement’ with the natural environment, how should ‘engagement’ be measured?

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